Pomegranate Valiues

Pomegranates have been enjoyed for thousands of years and are the symbol of hope in many cultures.They’ve been found in Egyptian tombs, eaten by Babylonian soldiers prior to battle and into Persian wedding ceremonies to symbolize a joyous future.Now we will talk about benefits of this fruit and u will be surprised how much value this fruit has. Pomegranates help our body in many ways from curing stomach problems to improving erectile dysfunctions and much more.Pomegranates bark and leaves are used to calm stomach disorders or diarrhea.Drinking tea made from leaves of pomegranates also helps in curing digestive problems.Healthy blood flow can be maintained by consuming the fruits.Pomegranates supply iron to the blood reduce symptoms of anemia, which are the weakness, hearing loss etc.This fruit may have even more antioxidant power than cranberry juice or green tea.Pomegranates-Health-Benefits


The climate where the trees are usually grown is Mediterranean, where the air is warm and moist.Places such as Florida, India, Armenia, Albania etc.



They grow in summer.

Now its season of this fruit, so very easy u can find pomegranate.

With this amazing and delicious fruit, u can prepare delicious salads too for Halloween, Christmas etc.


52 thoughts on “Pomegranate Valiues

  1. I discovered pomegranate late in life, just a few years ago. We add them to our oatmeal every morning in the fall and winter. I didn’t know that about the leaves and bark. Thinking maybe one day I’ll try to grow one here near the Carolina Coast.

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  2. Thank you for visiting and following my blog, for two reasons. One I hope you will receive a blessing from it and two I was brought to yours. The quince recipe looks really good. If I can find it here, I want to try it. My husband and I are trying to eat healthier but it’s not always easy. Thank you for your help.

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  3. Thanks for following my blog and highlighting some that spoke to you. I enjoy writing about my passion(s) in life, especially lifting up Jesus to my readers. You have a very inviting blog. I really like the healthy tips/recipes, detailing specific foods. I will send your link to my daughter, who tries to eat healthy and feed her family of 5 with healthy meals. Love the beautiful pics of the cave adventure near your grandparents’ home. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Excellent information. Fruit, nuts and vegetables are the safest food to eat in today’s world provided they have not been contaminated too much with chemicals to keep pests away. So these should all be washed carefully. As for meats you are getting into high risk forms of food in today’s world. With the use of hormones, and antibiotics freely used and presence of parasites some of which have very nasty effects, and with seafood being contaminated with chemicals and broken down plastics we are taking in potential poisons. So choose carefully and take moderately if using flesh foods.

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