๐Ÿ“ŒThis blog post ๐Ÿ’ปwill be a little bit different from others. Well, first of all, I feel that I have to do little presentation cause even in comments people call me healthy lifestyle ๐Ÿ˜‚ lol. I am Klaudja and I’m 19 years old from Albania. Since I was little I dreamed to be a blogger but I thought this was just a dream and never will come true. Years passed one by one and one beautiful evening in my mind comes a very weird idea. I was on twitter and I tweeted”I wanna be famous blogger Allah help me.”Then one of my followers commented on this tweet saying I know a girl she’s blogger, so I give u her name and you talk to her.

I messaged this girl and I said to her to help me how to start my blog, she accepted. My idea of the beginning was a diary blog, so I created my blog I did one diary post. Next day I wake up and a very weird idea ๐Ÿ˜went through my mind I don’t wanted anymore diary blog I had a very clear idea in my mind what blog I wanted. Then I said to my sister what I decided, she was a skeptic and saying:- Klaudja listen English is not your first language so I am afraid this not gonna work. To be sincere her words hurt me little ๐Ÿ˜•but I decided I wanted my blog I wanted ๐Ÿ˜Œ and I want to help people for a healthy lifestyle๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ and this inspiration for healthy lifestyle blog come from my granny she’s 87๐Ÿ‘ต years old and believe me she doesn’t take any medicine and she has very good health just because she eats healthy. Before some years I always watched a healthy style emission on TV I loved so much and every day I learned something new, and on my notebook ๐Ÿ“•


I kept recipes. Everyone was so surprised how could she cook so good ๐Ÿ˜ฎand with so much passion. Sometimes I don’t even let my mom cooking or to do shopping, especially for fruits and vegetables this is my weakness. The weirdest part was when even neighbors called my mom saying say to Klaudja to show that recipe we tried but is not like she did. ๐Ÿ˜‚I miss those time a lot but now I am super busy, life is becoming more difficult..well I was talking about my blog now look where I end up…๐Ÿ˜† I decide to do this blog post cause today my blog is 1-month old๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰ wow I cannot believe how quickly time passed. What I tell.. I feel more than blessed ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™1.5k followers ๐Ÿ˜ really for me this means a lot. I tried so hard to reach this success, for me it is a success, not everyone reaches in their first month blogging 1.5k followers and 300 or more likes.


From the bottom of my heart, ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ™I thank y’all sincerely without Y’all support I could not make this dream come true. This motivates me to do more good blog posts ๐Ÿ™†and to help each one, for a healthy living I started telling myself that my will to live a healthy life is stronger than my cravings.

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A lot of my friends want to be a blogger and they want immediate success. And saying help us. My only answer to them it is:”You don’t get what you wish for… You get what you work for.”In beginning, I was afraid that no one will like my blog , cause I had no idea what blogging was. You can see in my first blog post that is little weird, and with grammar mistakes. When I saw that someone reblogged I was little ashamed, to be honest, but again this doesn’t stop me to do more and more good blog posts. The funniest moment was when I climbed to my persimmon tree ๐Ÿ˜† just to take pictures๐Ÿ“ท for my blog post. Well, a lot of times I felt so down and to give up but this words motivated me a lot and I think new bloggers might need some motivation too…

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If you see that your blog is not having success and u get demotivated, never give up, never ever. A new day will come.. new opportunity. Don’t underestimate yourself, you are better than you think. Show them all you’re not the ordinary type. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place. Do not lose hope, please believe that there are a thousand beautiful things waiting for you. Sunshine ๐ŸŒž comes to all who feel rain.โ˜”If u wanna support my blog๐Ÿ’Œ u can do here :’)


193 thoughts on “1 MONTH BLOGGING

  1. Thank you for following my blog. You have a successful blog, congratulations. I feel that your success is because of effort and discipline to provide a well written, organized and illustrated blog. I hope you will share insights and feedback when you review my posts. I enjoy responding to comments and it connects to readers around the world.

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  2. Thanks for this post is really feels good knowing that some one is been on the other side too. I been blogging for an Year now but need to admit I have been inconsistent with the posting. Posts like yours are giving me the reason to donโ€™t give up and keep trying. Well done ๐Ÿ‘

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  3. bloggerfromthebronx says:

    Thank you so much for putting this inspiration piece together. You are the definition of an inspiration. I love your positivity and determination, no wonder you had a great turn out on your blog!

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  4. Ugne says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say that this has motivated me and I even took a screen shot so I can read it on my phone when I feel I need inspiration. Thanks for sharing this and congratulations!

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  5. themedicalmamacom says:

    Thank you so much! I’m almost at a month of blogging. At first I felt discouraged. But I didn’t give up. And I’ve been working so hard on my articles. Thank you for the inspiration.

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  6. This is amazing and so inspiring, well done K! Your hard work has certainly paid off and you deserve every bit of success. Keep going strong and you will reap more success in abundance. All the best!! ๐Ÿ’›

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  7. English is also my second language but that didnโ€™t stop me either from strating my own blog! Good for you and wow! What a success! Even more importantly, good for you for choosing a healthy lifestyle in a world that gnereally goes the opposite directionโ€ฆ as a type 1 diabetic, choosing natural treatment and health is radical haha. You can go check out my blog where I write about it.

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  8. Hey
    I love your positive attitude can I just say. Even when others brought you down you stood on your own feet and chased your dreams and that is amazing and inspiring!! Also I would have never guessed English is your second language it used to be mine too but I have learnt to perfect it but I remember being shy and not talking much for fear of being bullied or made fun of because of my accent or if I said the wrong thing. Xxx

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  9. Blogging isnโ€™t always about success. But congratulations on yours, for sure! Itโ€™s a great feeling of pride blogging about what you love, and to do so successfullyโ€ฆ And your English is wonderful- donโ€™t let anyone tell you otherwise โค Even if there are mistakes, take an equally immense pride in the fact that you’re multilingual! It’s a very valuable skill, and you’re very good at it โค

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  10. Aftab Raheem says:

    One thing that comes in my mind reading your blog is that where there is a will there is way,all efforts that you have put in to make your dream successful is really encouraging for every one especially those who keeps thier dreams in their minds just and they even don’t try to make them come true so this all your ideas of healthy life style are giving readers a shinning way to make their life healthy and these granmothers should reallly be taken as role model according to thier experiences of life.
    One should not be discouraged if some where you face any criticism because it will also shine your way after all.
    Always seen this girl coming up with new ideas shows her creativity in her profession ,keep it up Klaudja you got talent which you really deserve
    Prayers and support for you always.

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  11. Omg!
    I’ve been spending for about 20 min just to comment, now I got it.
    Can you tell how hard it is to be a new blogger haha.. everything is new, can you agree?
    What I wanted to say is,
    How did you do that?!
    I’m really surprise! Just for 1 month! You reached 1,3k followers! WOW!
    And are you Muslim? omg, i’m getting excited to read your blog.
    I’m super new in blogging and wordpress deals, so I was happy when I found out I can look for bloggers in the search option, SO HAPPY! haha..

    As a new blogger, I have just 2 question:
    > Can please tell us (new blogger) how you did that?
    > Did you post daily or 2 post a day or something else to reach that certain point? Help.

    You might as well can check my site, I have some troubles.
    OR we can dm (direct message) somewhere like instagram (IG) or anywhere ๐Ÿ˜€

    For more information, I started to like you when you posted about your feelings and thoughts for bloggers. We (new blogger) need that for motivation.


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