What I learned from blogging (:

Hello, it’s been 1 month since my last blog post.I distanced myself from this platform but now I’m ready to come back.Before I start I want to thank y’all from the bottom of my heart πŸ™πŸ™for 2k+ followers. I created my blog before 3 months ago & I appreciate that u Guy’s follow also comment my blog posts. I’ll do the same.
Problem is not everyone has the time to read all blog posts but it’s one solution. In your free time when u have nothing to do u can take a look at other people blog posts.From all this time that I’ve been blogging I’ve understood some important things here are some of them:πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

1) Don’t stress over things that you cant control.Just show what you can do with passion and I guarantee that you’ll take results that you want from your blog.quotations-inspire

2) For my opinion post 3 times in month not anymore otherwise you’ll be in a panic and wanting to do more and more..πŸ˜“ posts but will result that you’ll give up from your blog because your brain will be tired.😴I’m talking from my personal experience too.I used to post once in 2 days and creating the posts I needed around 3 -4 hours.But where is the problem here someone might ask?Problem is; You, I and everyone else has a real life to live and posting like I did was so wrong I distanced myself from friends, family etc and my thoughts were only to create good content and that ppl will like. I was always only in my room and laptop.I won nothing I just reached my lowest point that’s why I decided to take a break and to post when I feel to do so.

3) Don’t care for likes and comments on your posts. I say this, especially for new bloggers.You don’t have to rush anything just have patience and keep up the good work its simple as that.

4 )Follow others, comment their posts show that u are interested to read their work and in this way, you’ll build relationships with other bloggers and they might support you.

5)Some might start blogging to earn money but is not simple as everyone thinks. If u start your blog with idea that u can earn money from it, my friend better leave blogging cause will result a total failure. People have years blogging that’s why they earn don’t pretend to earn money immediately…Just don’t βœ‹βœŠ14488_10201072754413840_252706139_n

6 Another thing that learned is how bloggers “with experience” treat new bloggers. Some of them just ignore u so good & better don’t be bothered to ask kinda selfish humans. Not all are selfish 😺but all bloggers that I asked for help ignored me.😿I decided toΒ  do this post especially for new bloggers everyone deserves to be helped so let’s all support each other.No one is superior just because he/she has more views doesn’t mean it’s better than you.βœŒπŸ’žWe all are equal.I’ve to say something else too I almost forgot to say.If you’re non-English speaker blogger like me, don’t feel embarrassed for your mistakes.No one is perfect.I don’t know 100% English but this fact doesn’t stop me to continue blogging. Dare to fail it’s OK..forgive yourself & try again..If someone corrects u in your posts don’t feel offended just be grateful to that person & correct your mistakes & day by day you’ll be greater☺☺Blogging is not easy as some people think it is.It needs time, patience, courage, self-confidence…Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.I hope this post will be helpful for some of u Guy’s πŸ’˜

56 thoughts on “What I learned from blogging (:”

  1. Great tips that you have learned!! I love the one about how no one is superior just because we have more views. The blog world is a COMMUNITY and should be treated as such. Support should come from everywhere and everyone ❀

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  2. That’s a very good post, my dear! Indeed, passion it’s what matters the most. If we do something, we do it with passion and that makes it just fine, no matter how many likes we get. I mostly have only food recipes in English as well and some music related posts, but I have the translate button and it works great for English.

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  3. These are really great tips!! And I am amazed by your success. I also want to have more influence and bring more attention to my blog. So I was wondering what did you do apart from these to get more views on your blog and to spread the word about it. I was wondering if in a way you could be my mentor and help me because you offered to in the post so I would really appreciate. I also have a few questions still about the whole blogging experience and it would be great if I could get in contact with you to talk about them or something.

    My blog is all about my journey and the struggles and hurdles in life I face. It’s a platform for everyone to be themselves and not be ashamed of it. To voice your opinion with confidence. I would love for you to visit my little corner of the internet and would be pleased to know your views. Xxxx

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  4. Seems like you are really care for others from bottom of your heart. I am new here recently joined this blogging world and i really needed these type of encouraging words. Thank You so much for your encouraging and lovely words. ☺

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  5. Nice post πŸ™‚ great tips.
    Just one suggestion – you have used β€œu” and β€œyou” at multiple places, just be consistent with β€œyou”.
    All the best. Keep blogging.

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  6. I totally agree with your views. I too am a non English speaking blogger. I have only got 4 posts so far. As a beginner, I frequently get this feeling that whether I am doing it right. Your post is really helpful.

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  7. This made for a lovely little read during my lunch break- I’m a newbie and even though I had kind of convinced myself I already knew these things I still found myself relaxing and inspired whilst I read. Thank you x


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