The unspoken truth..

Hello, guys, I’m back today post gonna be a bit different I need y’all opinion for what I should keep writing on my blog?Healthy Lifestyle or another topic that I’ve in my mind?Lately, I’m thinking to write about girls problems all around the world.I’ve read several blogs and all have interesting topics but no one talks about the real problems of this world.Maybe some people might say hello in 2018 is not possible that this can be true.But yes my dear friends out there are millions of girls that cannot even go to school because of poverty and mentality. I know some might say oh but school is boring. Yes, might be boring for you but for some others to go to school is a dream. Nowadays people care about themselves more, not about others but I’ve decided to speak up for all the girls that don’t have the chance to do so. And why not in future we all can do something that this situation can change. Do you all know that in 2018 girls from a poor family or sick mentality have no right to go to school?Do you know millions of girls all around the world have no chance to have a phone?They have absolutely no information about what’s going on in the world like we do. That’s why after some time they get married at a very young age because parents want or because like this mentality works. Especially in my country, there are a lot of girls that cant speak up about themselves. Today my best friend come to visit me and I asked her.” Marina do you think I should dedicate my blog to girls education?And maybe later who knows we can help them.” She answered:-” To be honest, klaudja I think its impossible what you say. There are no girls in 2018 that don’t go at school.”-Her answer disappointed me little πŸ˜•because she thinks that cases like this don’t exist. Cases like this exist but society doesn’t like to speak about this topic. I don’t feel to write for a healthy lifestyle, healthy food when out there are girls that have no idea how to use phone or girls that are afraid to talk about their dreams…8b004f851aa998df375b66c1c7c6f7fc

26 thoughts on “The unspoken truth..”

  1. You totally right! It is important to talk not just about healthy lifestyle, another travel or.., but also about sad things, which happens around the world every day. So speak up, I will definitely read your posts! 😊

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  2. When I began my blog six years ago, I called it – seriously seeking grannies – and wrote about my grandchildren. After a couple of years I decided to expand and write about whatever issue caught my imagination. Including my grandchildren.

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  3. There are girls that do not go to school – especially in underdeveloped countries. When a family has difficulties, it is often the girl who drops out of school. Hopefully one day each female child will have what many girls take for granted – an education.

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  4. I totally agree with you. The world is diverse so you can be too. More issues in the world


  5. I think it would be wonderful to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. It is true that there are many who write about health, including myself. I haven’t experienced what it is like to live with or near these kinds of conditions and would welcome reading about someone who advocates for those are in need. Diversity in our messages is a real blessing. And we must each speak the words from our hearts.

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  6. Hey I don’t know if you remember this but you said that you would kind of be my mentor and possibly help, me improve my blog and gain more traffic since you seem like an expert haha and I want to share my blog and make it more public could you possibly give me some advice on how to do that and gain more traffic. Side note I am anonymous so I can’t like advertise it on Twitter or other forms of social media. Thx in advance.

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  7. I don’t think it is boring at all. I grew up in Panama City, Panama (small country in Central America) and while I got lucky, many women still don’t have access to education. We need to continue to empower women and bring visibility to these kind of issues,


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