Educate a girl..and she can change the world.

Hello everyone! I hope u Guy’s gonna have a beautiful weekend. Today in this blog post I want for the first time to ask for Y’all help. I never asked for someone to donate, but today I’ll do. My dear friends, I just want that y’all donate a small amount, as much as u want. Even 1$ matter. I want to upgrade my blog but unfortunately, lately, my money isn’t enough. I don’t work too. I want to dedicate my blog to a big cause, that people refuse to speak up. I don’t know about other countries but I’m talking about my country, Albania. What is this cause? Girls education.69baf23504b0992c2ec1fde727744fd6.jpg

Many girls here in rural places after they finish 9th grade they don’t go anymore to school.Because parents don’t allow, or other different reasons one of them is because they come from poor families. I’ve seen that nobody is interested to talk about this topic, and my question is; As a humans what we can do to help these girls?I’ve decided as a starting, I’ll dedicate my blog to this topic & in the future why no with help of good heart people, we can make come true the dream of many young girls & boys to go to school, to follow their dreams. Not to be the prisoners of the tradition and reality. I said this idea to my best friend and her answer was little sad. She said, better don’t start this road without end. Is difficult and not possible. I even thought the possibility to give up on this idea. But then I thought if I don’t speak up who will?62ccbf831f759fb5d314f49b8650cb56

I’ll never give up until I reach my dream to send girls to school. That’s why for the first time I need Y’all help. I don’t want money for myself never.I’d never be that low to take for myself. I just need y’all to donate to save a life in the future. To make someone happy. Not to see them being prisoners of reality & their dreams broken. I’ve written this post with all my heart. The most honest blog post since now. Yes, I feel little embarrassed for saying but I don’t want for myself, I want to make someone happy, this is my intention. I really do believe that out there exist good-hearted people who can try to help others. I know everyone has their own problems, and don’t want to waste even 1 dollar. Trust me I got many problems too and things to do, but still, I’m fighting to speak for all the girls, boys that don’t have the possibility to do so. I thought that first step is creating a professional blog about this topic, that no one is interested in talking. EVEN IF I AM A GIRL, EVEN IF PEOPLE THINK I CAN’T DO IT, I SHOULD NOT LOSE HOPE.Β DONATE HERE


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