“The cursed island”πŸ“– (review)

As I promised here is the blog post with my honest opinion about The cursed Island book by Rajarshi Sarma

I found this book accidentally in Amazon. And it comes from a new author so I thought it would be a random book…πŸ˜‘We don’t give importance to new authors. This is a true fantasy novel, full of suspense, action, drama with lots of twists and turns. A brilliantly constructed plot with an unpredictable ending.

After reading and being totally drawn in,by the sample I knew I needed to read this book..This is a story that captures you complete, and gets you invested in the characters and it is a #mustread for me.

In beginning I thought was not good at all maybe because I saw with judgment because it’s a book from a new author. But later the story attracted me. I’ll show little for what this story is about. Amanda Winston and her 2 kids Ben And Maria were a normal family like all. The happy couple had no such family issue that could make such a horrendous event to take place. One day Roger stabbed his wife Amanda. People found it hard to believe that a person like Roger could Stab his own wife. He was arrested by police. But then started happening weird things. One night like always Ben was trying to sleep but he couldn’t and inquisitively strode off to the corridor, everyone was sleeping. The sky was looking so scary and he was terrified of what he saw as a giant bird. Its appearance was quit spoke, it was not a normal bird. Then the bird disappeared. The other day Ben and Micheal decided to follow the map that they had in their hands and the map was richly symbolized. There was an X sign looked like a treasure hunt. But the presence of sketch of the mysterious bird was really a conundrum. There were some spooky creatures drawn in the paper piece. The boys reached the old church but there they only saw a crooked man. He looked right to them with his faded eyes. The crooked man frowned and ready to attack them. But boys ran to the house…Benjamin Winston and Alastair had an adventure in the churchyard. They got a time gate. Moreover, Professor Nixon was murdered by the crooked man. Who is the crooked man and what is his purpose in Brighton Street? FOR MORE Y’ALL SHOULD READ THIS BOOK. I highly recommend the book as it is unique and adventurous story. Especially for kids. I am telling from experience because my siblings like it a lot. This a story for all who enjoy novels with suspenseful and lively characters. A book that is hard to put down.β˜ΊπŸ“–

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