Blogging Issues

Hello, dear bloggers, I’m back.Today’s topic gonna be about something that made me worried lately.So much people that started blogging same time as I, now are thinking to give up.And I can see this when they post on their social media such as Twitter.Obviously, I’m asking myself why is happening this? I’m trying to find a reason and I think I’ve found out some reasons..why new bloggers and old ones, are thinking to leave blogging.One of the reasons might be that they are taking so much seriously blogging, and are constantly worrying about traffick followers, comments.When people see that their blog isn’t getting any traffic they give up thinking blogging is not about them.Sorry to say but its completely wrong dear friends.You need to find the balance…80e8812cb48e2910ef5352ccbfcec187

Is not necessary to post every time just do it when you feeling so.This I did and I do. I post only when I’ve inner peace…When I feel not worried and nothing.Because when you’re happy with yourself, this positivity you give to others through your writing.My only advice to all bloggers out there that are thinking to give up DONT DO IT.Are you a loser?Only losers give up.People who love success never give up. They fight until they reach what they want, sooner or later if you have the courage to succeed you will. No negative thoughts and nothing can stop you. Magic happens when you don’t give up, even though you want to.The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart.I hope my experience can help someone out there especially new bloggers, that really need motivation.I’m happy that sometimes I do posts like this.To be honest, I didn’t plan to post about this topic, my main topic is a healthy lifestyle but I cant stay without telling what makes me worry.And I think when we share our problems with others is easier to understand whats going wrong for me, you, or everyone.And how we can fix it…

62 thoughts on “Blogging Issues”

  1. I think you have to ignore some of the data. If you stick to a formula people will follow you. I have a blog with a very narrow focus and I publish 7 times a month and usual publish about 10 articles in advance. I stay within my focus and look to followers rather than commenters. Commenting does not necessarily tell you if your bog is successful, views per day and followers are better indicators.

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  2. It really helps me to think of my blog as a journal for when I’m no longer around, as morbid as that may sound, for people I have left behind to learn more about me from. It gives me a purpose other than likes, views, and all of that. It is also a way to document what I am learning, feeling, and moments in time that I may lose otherwise. It’s always fun to look back and reread about things we tend to forget if we don’t. Have a great day and thanks for writing about this! ~Anne

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  3. I’ve had moments with my blogging where I have posted for weeks and then I feel embarrassed but I’ve taught myself that it’s my blog and I can post how often I feel like and no one is judging me but me. As a result, by not putting pressure on myself, I’m posting way more frequently!

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  4. Thanks for this. Sometimes I want to stop blogging because I don’t think enough people really care about what I have to say judging from likes and comments, but this post has convinced me to keep trying and not give up. Thank you.

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  5. love this! i just published my blog the other day and I started to feel a little discouraged because I was getting frustrated trying to learn how to get more followers

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  6. Thank you ❤️ I just started blogging last week and at first I was a little hesitant since I feel like it’s not “as popular” as some social sites or vlogging, but its definitely something I’ve been wanting to try and ultimately that’s all that matters! ☺️ Thank you for being so motivating and inspiring!!

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  7. hello, as you can guess, im new here and as i was trying to discover things and blogs here i ran into your blog.. it kinda made feel more good about starting a blog but i still have worries and i still need help :((

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  8. Love your blog, and this post is great! 😀 I will follow for sure.
    Please visit my blog with updates about fitness and health, it´s really intresting and great facts you dont want to miss. Follow if you´d like ❤
    Take care and keep it up!

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  9. thanks so much for sharing this! I technically started my blog a month ago, and didn’t post until now because I wasn’t sure if I could handle it. Great read!

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  10. I’ve been feeling really demotivated cause i moved my entire old blog to a new aesthetically pleasing one except it’s hard getting the traffic i had. I’m just lucky i love writing as much as i do so it outweighs the eagerness of seeing readers interacting with a piece. Thanks so much for writing the blessing, really lifted up my spirits love! xx

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