Hello as I promised today’s blog post is here. This post will be completely different from others full of good vibes.😍 I live in a little country, but Albania is really beautiful, to be honest. So I’m starting. Before some days I went to visit my Grandparents, they live in a touristic village. So I took […]

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Hello I’m backπŸ™‹

Hi my loves,😚I hope everyone is doing great!! Yes I know I’ve Left blogging behind.. But I did it cause I felt so . I needed new energy, positivity to my blog posts .I felt like my blog posts were little bit sad, not happy as I wanted to be. That’s why I took little […]

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The unspoken truth..

Hello, guys, I’m back today post gonna be a bit different I need y’all opinion for what I should keep writing on my blog?Healthy Lifestyle or another topic that I’ve in my mind?Lately, I’m thinking to write about girls problems all around the world.I’ve read several blogs and all have interesting topics but no one […]

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Blogging Issues

Hello, dear bloggers, I’mΒ back.Today’s topic gonna be about something that made me worried lately.So much people that started blogging same time as I, now are thinking to give up.And I can see this when they post on their social media such as Twitter.Obviously,Β I’mΒ asking myself why is happening this? I’mΒ trying to find a reason and I […]

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Hello hello, everyone.I hope y’all had a great time.Today’s topic it is sweet potato.The sweet potato was domesticated more than 5,000 years ago. It is one of the oldest vegetables known to mankind.Scientists believe that sweet potato was domesticated thousands of years ago in Central America.After his first voyage to the Americas in 1492, Christopher […]


What I learned from blogging (:

Hello, it’s been 1 month since my last blog post.I distanced myself from this platform but now I’m ready to come back.Before I start I want to thank y’all from the bottom of my heart πŸ™πŸ™for 2k+ followers. I created my blog before 3 months ago & I appreciate that u Guy’s follow also comment […]

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